Property Subrogation

Ron Harmeyer Law Office understands that the goal of every property subrogation professional is the quick, cost-efficient recovery of damages caused by a legally responsible third-party. To promote these goals, subrogation attorneys must do more than just file lawsuits. We use our extensive knowledge and experience in the field of property subrogation to provide comprehensive services to his clients.

When a new loss occurs, our clients begin building their property subrogation recovery teams by contacting RHLO first.  We advise who the right experts for the job are.  We ensure the interested parties are identified and properly put on notice.  We attend all scene and artifact exams so that we have a thorough, first-hand understanding of the facts and so that we are available to address any issue that arises.  Meanwhile, we advise our clients on any legal issues and address any potential bars to recovery.  If a loss presents a viable claim, we work with the experts and adjuster to put together a comprehensive demand package.  

Because of the early work we perform, the overwhelming percentage of viable cases in which we are involved settle pre-suit, so costs are avoided and fees are lower.  Of course, if a case does not settle, we do not hesitate to proceed with filing a lawsuit, litigating the claim and, if needed, trying the case.