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Product Liability Claim (Range)

An appliance caused a fire to the insured’s house, resulting in the total destruction of the house and all of its contents. Working with fire department scene photo with the client’s subrogation representative, Attorney Ron Harmeyer met the fire investigator at the scene, identified and notified all interested parties, recommended appropriate mechanical and electrical engineers to be retained, organized and attended the scene and artifact exams. The cause of the fire was confirmed, the the client recovered $353,167.

Product Liability Claim (Lamp)

A fire started in the basement of the insured’s lake home. The fire completely destroyed the home and its contents. Attorney Ron Harmeyer met the fire investigator and insured at the scene the day after the fire. After interviewing all witnesses and consulting with the fire investigator, an electrical engineer and materials engineer were retained. All parties were put on notice. After the scene and lab exams were completed (including the use of x-ray and scanning electron microscope machines), the cause of the fire was confirmed to be a deficient solder connection in a lamp switch. Ron Harmeyer Law Office recovered $625,000 for its client.

Negligence (Elevator Maintenance)

In this worker’s compensation third-party liability case, the employee was injured when a negligently maintained elevator malfunctioned and suddenly dropped, severely injuring the employee’s hip, back and ankle. RHLO’s client, the worker’s compensation insurer, received a net recovery (after all fees and costs) of $184,587.

Product Liability (CSST)

An LP gas supplier failed to inspect a customer’s system prior to filling the LP tank for the season. As a result, it did not realize that a CSST line in the house had been compromised by a lightning strike earlier in the summer. The homeowner complained that his furnace was not working properly. The LP gas supplier sent a technician to inspect, but failed to detect the actively leaking CSST line. The next day, the house exploded, destroying the house and everything in it. RHLO pursued a claim against the supplier and recovered $200,000.

Product Liability (Dehumidifier)

In an occurrence that is all too common in the world of subrogation, a family’s dehumidifier spontaneously combusted. While the fire damage was limited, smoke from the burning plastic filled the house and destroyed most of the contents. RHLO pursued a product liability claim against the manufacturer and recovered $125,000 for the client.

Product Liability (Lawn Mower)

After a homeowner mowed her yard, she parked the mower in her garage. Minutes later, the mower spontaneously ignited, and the fire spread to the garage, destroying the garage and the homeowner’s car. Although the initial lab exam of the mower did not provide any clues, RHLO continued the investigation by locating an exemplar mower in New Hampshire and had it shipped to Kentucky. Examination of the exemplar revealed the design defect in the mower. The client recovered $113,500.

Negligence (Plumbing Installation)

An improperly installed CPVC hot water pipe was installed in a 36-unit apartment building. After nine years, the pipe failed, causing substantial damage to the building. Attorney Harmeyer identified a mechanical engineer and a polymer engineer to inspect the building and the failed pipe. The cause of the failure was confirmed, and the client recovered $150,000.

Product Liability (Aftermarket Winch)

An aftermarket agricultural device caused a fire, destroying the insured’s barn and contents. This case presented a unique challenge in that two insurance companies paid claims (one for the structure, one for the contents). Additionally, the insured sustained a substantial uninsured loss. The two insurance companies and the insured entered into a joint prosecution agreement, in which they agreed to retain Ron Harmeyer Law Office LLC. At the recommendation of Attorney Harmeyer, the clients retained an electrical engineer who, after finding the proverbial needle in the haystack (in this case, a metal contact about one inch square buried in the debris), the cause of the fire was confirmed, and the clients recovered $167,500.

Negligence (Motor Vehicle Accident)

In this worker’s compensation third-party liability case, the employee was injured when the defendant slammed into a dumpster, which in turn slammed into the employee, throwing him an estimated 25 feet. The defendant’s expert claimed the defendant’s vehicle’s brake line suddenly failed, leaving the defendant unable to stop. RHLO identified and retained a qualified expert to analyze the facts. Investigation of the master brake cylinder proved the brake system did not fail. The accident was caused by a simple case of negligence. As a result, RHLO obtained a net recovery of $158,000 for its client.