A jack of all trades is a master of none. At Ron Harmeyer Law Office, we do only one thing: insurance subrogation. And we do it more effectively and efficiently than anyone else. As a result, clients’ recoveries are larger and quicker, and our fees are lower.

Within insurance subrogation, we have decided to further narrow our practice areas to those in which we can best serve our clients. Our practice is limited to property loss subrogation and worker’s compensation subrogation. In these two areas, we have the experience and knowledge to provide our clients with the highest level of service and to be a most effective advocate.

Property Subrogation

A successful property subrogation program is not easy. It takes a skilled and experienced team, working together, to obtain recoveries. Our clients begin building that team by calling RHLO first. From putting parties on notice and attending scene exams, to analyzing all laws that affect subrogation, we are an active part of the recovery team from the day the loss occurs until recovery is delivered.

A defective mower caused a fire and destroyed an insured’s house. RHLO recovered the damages from the product manufacturer.

Worker’s Compensation

In Wisconsin, worker’s compensation subrogation is perhaps the single area of law most misunderstood by insurance professionals and attorneys alike. As a result, most work comp insurers pay attorney fees that they do not owe and fail to pursue viable claims. Please click below to learn how RHLO can guarantee higher worker’s compensation recoveries.

This tire was re-treaded even though the carcass was not an appropriate candidate. The tire exploded the first time it was being inflated,breaking the wrist of the employee handling it. RHLO negotiated a settlement of $175,000.
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